The Facebook Ads Partnership


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I’m so excited to start working with you on our marketing.

Now that you’re all signed up, I’ll be sending you some onboarding questionnaires so that we can gather all the info we need to get your ads up and running. 



Stage 1: Onboarding + Initial Strategy Call

Ideally within our first week, you will be able to submit your onboarding forms and book in your Initial Strategy Call at a time that works for you. Sometimes that rolls over into the second week if you’re busy, but it’s great to get this handled as quickly as possible so we can move onto the fun stuff!

Stage 3: Testing Ad Copy

Now that we have some approved ads, we can get your first campaign published! I’ll start off by testing the different ad copy variations that we have, in order to get us the best and cheapest results. This process can take around 9 days, so somewhere in here, you’ll receive your first ads report!

Stage 2: Ad Creation

Once we’ve had our call, I can get to work on creating your first round of ads. I’ll write up a few variations of ad copy for us to test and create a few different ad graphics. I’ll share these with you via our shared Google Drive folder, where you can review everything and leave comments and suggestions for edits.

Stage 4: Testing Ad Graphics

Once we’ve finished testing our ad copy variations, we’ll do the same with our ad graphics!

By this point we’ll have likely completed our first month and will have a good idea of how our ads and your offers are converting. That means we can then make some decisions about whether we can scale the ads, or if we need to make some changes. 

Welcome to ‘Launch with Amber’!

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