When you’re in the business space online it can start to feel like all the Facebook Ads out there are exactly the same. 

Oh look, yet another webinar on how this coach made a yacht-load of money… I bet that story involved working from a garden shed, a rock bottom moment and some sales secret I need to buy a $1997 course to learn… 

Whether it’s a webinar, an e-book, or a free 5-day challenge, let’s just say we’re pretty jaded these days. 

We love learning about new marketing tactics and being innovative, but we’re also pretty skeptical. 

That means we expect a higher standard when it comes to free content, we need a bit more convincing and social proof to invest and often this results in an eye-wateringly high cost per lead. 

So when you’re getting leads for a business coach, we need to think a little bit outside the box. 

I have a few favourite strategies for coaches, but this one is my favourite for super cheap leads. 

Quiz Funnels!


Just take a look at this… 

So how does this while ‘Quiz Funnel’ thing work you might be asking?

Well, it starts with you knowing your ideal customer really well and knowing what segments of variances you might have in your audience. 

Does you have clear groups in your audience who have difference motives?

Does your audience all have the same problem, but for different reasons?

Is there a ‘scale’ that your idea client might be higher or lower on? 

The key here is to be really creative, and try to balance creating defined groups that are useful to you as data from your audience, but also interesting enough for your ideal client to learn something about themselves.


Here are some creative examples…


Are you convinced yet?


Now not all quizzes are created equal, and you need a well thought out funnel around your quiz if it’s going to convert into sales as well as just cheap leads. 

For example, those Quiz Leads we generated for our client earlier… turned into this: 

If you’re reading this and you want to grow your list in a fun and engaging way, and create an audience of leads who are best-fit clients for your programs and services, book in to grab a virtual coffee with Amber to chat about how we can help.

We can help with listing building ads on Facebook + Instagram as well as designing and building a Quiz + follow up sequence.