The Client: A coach in the health and wellness space with a very specific and powerful program.

The Offer: A 12 week self-study program at $1497 with a 3 part payment plan available.

The Goal: To build a reliable evergreen funnel that was bringing in multiple 5 figures each month.

The Results: With a monthly ad spend budget of $6k, we created $19,500 in sales value.

The first thing we did, as always, was run a full audit of her current Facebook Ads account and Marketing. It’s really important to what we have to work with and also learn as much as we can about her audience and ideal client as possible. We can learn a lot from what you’re already doing and what’s already working!

She already had over 15,000 email subscribers but wasn’t seeing many conversions. We started by running an offer to her existing mailing list so we could test her new funnel without a huge ad spend, and make sure her current audience was, in fact, her ideal customers. This is really important. If you offer isn’t currently converting, we need to figure out why as soon as possible and then fix it!

Running Facebook Ads doesn’t fix a broken funnel, if anything it just amplifies the problem and is a total waste of money!

This approach worked beautifully, and we quickly figured out that people weren’t buying because her marketing hadn’t been answering some important questions, and alleviating the concerns that had been holding people back from buying.

Once those things were in place our strategy was two-fold:

  • Attracting new potential customers
  • Retargeting them to purchase her program

How we attracted new potential customers

Luckily, our client had a wealth or organic content in the form of blog posts and videos that she’d been consistently posting over the last year. Some of this content had already had a great response, so we know where to start.

We tested her most popular free content to multiple new audiences but found that the costs were still higher than we would have liked. Using the data we had collected from testing her content with multiple audiences, we could create custom audiences full of ideal clients. We retargeted these audiences with a freebie to make sure they were right. We were getting cold leads for as cheap at $0.38 each!! We were on to something…

How we retargeted them for big paydays

Now we had the right audience figured out, it was time to promote her program with our new strategy. Our tweaks to her funnel made sure we were meeting people at each stage of the buying process with the exact information they needed to feel confident investing in her program.

In this particular case, we started retargeting our audience with ads for a new webinar, with 10 days of follow up promo ads with a special limited time offer. Within a month of running this strategy live each week, we had made improvements to the webinar content and the promo ads to confidently run this as an evergreen funnel month on month.

The result?

We saw a consistent return on investment of around 300%.

So for every $1 she put into her funnel, she was earning $3!

She added thousands of new subscribers at less than $1 per lead!

A note on privacy: We recently made the decision to make all our case studies anonymous. This was for many reasons but here are the main ones. Very few of our clients happen to be in the business and marketing space where advertising their revenue and profit is good for their own marketing. For everyone else, they prefer to keep the information private from their clients and for it not to be easily Google-able. The second reason is more about you. It’s very easy to take someone’s name and head over to their Facebook page to see what Ads they are running and try to reverse engineer their funnel. This is never a good idea because it’s missing all the sales psychology, all the strategy chosen specifically for that brand and their ideal client. If you need help with your strategy, we offer free calls. Click here to claim one.